Whenever anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,
I want the hand of AA always to be there.
And for that, I am responsible.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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Preamble of Area 64 Assembly

 The Area 64 Assembly of Alcoholics Anonymous shall always be a service body and shall protect and respect the autonomy and the privilege of dissent of all A.A. groups in General Service Conference Area 64. In the course of its deliberations and discussions, the Assembly shall be ever mindful of the ideals expressed in the Twelve Traditions, the Twelve Concepts and the A.A. Service Manual, and shall strive to be the true voice and group conscience of Area 64 A.A. Unity and service shall ever be the Assembly’s primary purpose, and it shall encourage all Area 64 A.A. groups to participate in the business of the Assembly and to support the Assembly in its efforts to cooperate with the A.A. General Service Office and A.A. World Services. The Assembly is specifically charged with the duty of electing a delegate to the General Service Conference and to give the delegate financial support to assist him or her in the course of the duties of the office. The Assembly is further charged with electing an alternate delegate to the General Service Conference, and to elect such Assembly officers it deems necessary.

A Declaration of Unity

 A Declaration of Unity

This we owe to A.A.’s future:
To place our common welfare first;
To keep our Fellowship united.
For on A.A. unity depends our lives,
And the lives of those to come.

Reprinted by permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.

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